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Living World Corner Toilet with Mesh

Living World Corner Toilet with Mesh

PriceFrom 15,99C$
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Owners of guinea pigs, ferrets or rabbits know how quickly the habitat of small animals can become dirty. The Living World Toilet Corner is designed to keep your little friend's cage clean by helping to contain waste.

In addition to being made of a stain and odor resistant material, the toilet area has a removable and easy to clean bottom grid which keeps the paws of the small animal clean, which helps to avoid litter streaks in the cage. The two latches make it easy and secure to attach the accessory to the wire cages.

Key Features of :

  • Compact size;
  • Raised sides that prevent litter from overflowing backwards;
  • Raised bottom grid prevents litter messes and keeps waste away from pet;
  • Stain and odor resistant material;
  • Two latches that easily attach to wire cages;
  • Sizes offered : small and large;
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