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Animal Treasur cage pour Hamster Couleur Asortis

Animal Treasur cage pour Hamster Couleur Asortis

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Animal Treasures Small Animal Cage is perfect for hamsters, gerbils or mice and is featured in a blue or green color with white wiring. This cage has a wide and strong base, where you will find an exercise wheel for playing, a food bowl and a tunnel leading to the second platform of the cage. On this second platform, your pet can access the waterer which is attached to the cage. This level has a ramp which leads into a private hideout at the very top of the cage so your pet can feel comfortable and hidden. Bring your pet home in this spacious and thrilling animal cage, where memories will be made and excitement never ends.

Color will be randomly chosen during packaging. 11.75" x 9" x 16"

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