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Zodiac Flea Egg Collar for Cats

Zodiac Flea Egg Collar for Cats

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ZODIAC® Flea & Tick Dog and Cat Collars offer excellent protectionagainst fleas and ticks and provide long term continuing protection.Collars continually release a new supply of ingredients for severalmonths, replenishing the coat to provide protection from head to tail,even if your pet gets wet or is bathed.

ZODIAC® Flea Egg Collar for Cats with Precor® (IGR)
• Effectively breaks the flea life cycle by KILLING FLEA EGGS laid on your pet for up to 12 months
• Designed to prevent flea population build up in your home by KILLING flea eggs before they hatch
• Green collar features an Integral Buckle
• Safety Release Collar design for cats
• Unique molded one piece design

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