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Living World Green Adult Rabbits

Living World Green Adult Rabbits

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Made in Canada using wholesome ingredients, Botanicals Living World Green adult rabbit food is a pelleted food that provides natural, complete and balanced nutrition containing high-quality Canadian timothy and rich cellulose fiber, an essential nutrient promoting good digestion and overall well-being.

Deliciously aromatic, this formulation designed especially for adult rabbits is enriched with various ingredients such as rosehip, chamomile and red clover. As each bite is extremely tasty, small animals will eat everything without waste. Plus, the coarse texture of the pellets keeps rabbits' teeth sharp.

Easily digestible, Botanicals Living World Green is free of corn, soy and canola to provide the best nutrition for small animals.

Main characteristics :

  • Complete food for adult rabbits
  • With rosehip, red clover and chamomile
  • GMO free
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • No corn, soy or rapeseed
  • Rich in high-quality timothy: long-stranded fibers that help keep teeth healthy and promote good digestion
  • Enriched with an abundant blend of prebiotics: stimulates beneficial intestinal microflora
  • Made in Canada
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