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Boréal Proper Marine Fish

Boréal Proper Marine Fish

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We believe pet food should avoid starchy ingredients that can lead to weight gain and obesity. An alternative to a grain-free diet is to choose a dog food that does not contain high-sugar grains such as corn and wheat. Certain cereals, such as steel cut oats, are excellent for your dog and contain many beneficial properties. This is why, at Boréal, we have developed a line of dog food called Boréal Proper.

The low glycemic index of steel cut oats and barley from the Mennonite farming region of central Ontario and the very low glycemic index of peas and white beans make them fantastic ingredients. The cereals chosen for Proper food have a low glycemic index. Plus, the steel cut oats and barley are locally grown and good value. Ontario oats and barley are an important source of vitamins, minerals, low glycemic index carbohydrates, essential oils, fiber and protein.

We use a unique meat protein source in our Proper dog foods to aid digestion and reduce the risk of allergies. These foods are naturally preserved and are free of potatoes, wheat and corn.

Our Boreal dog foods use Zinpro® ProPath® - a special collection of minerals bound to amino acids to make the minerals “bio-available”.  Zinc contained in ProPath®  is easily absorbed and is much more available to a dog than other sources of zinc. Zinc is essential for healthy skin and coat.

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